After the recent severe crash of our server we are now making our way back, newer, fresher, leaner, more exciting and bigger and better than ever before!

We thank you for your patience and indulgence, support and encouragement and simply ask for a little bit more patience and understanding while our site is fully built and completely operational which will not take much longer that just a few more days at most. However we will always be adding and improving not just looks but all that we do!

We simply are the one stop global general commerce, finance, management and service company, where you save money when buying and maximize profits when selling or in need of a service or any business solution what-so-ever!

Through our expert staff and decades of combined global trade and finance experience and our vast worldwide network of associates and representative offices we can assure of successful results every time in every business transaction.

We invite you to come grow and profit with us, be part of our vast global family, no deal can be too small or too large.

Our philosophy and aim remains and is to give the best possible and efficient services, products, prices and terms to the associates and purchasers old and new and always furnish the globe with excellent quality products at unbeatable prices!

We represent endless "top notch" manufacturers globally, simply the finest makers and producers of all types of products and goods and as we pool many big orders together our prices are below what the average buyer/consumer could get if the factory itself would ever sell direct and not through us.

We simply select the best manufacturers for quality, prices, terms and long proven track record with us and in the marketplace, for long stress free business relationships that is reflected to the thousands of satisfied associates and clients!

Whether you seek electronics, machinery or automobiles and parts, cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, gadgets, clothes, accessories, furniture, commodities of all types, really rare goods or excess inventory, surplus goods etc, the list is simply endless, we have it!

In the very unlikely event that at the moment we may not have it, we shall source and secure it for you always at the best possible prices, usually within 24 - 48 hours of receipt of detailed information regarding your desired pending purchase.

We are here to assist you and help your business prosper through our expert staff, decades of global commerce and finance expertise and our vast global network of associates, representatives and offices and sales offers!

We profit with you not from you!

You will find as many already have globally, for the past 34 years that we have been in business, that our services before and after sales are second to none and as stated earlier, We guarantee best results each and every time!

This and our other main sites are always updated with the latest products, services, prices, terms, innovations and offers especially compiled for our global family of associates and clientele.

If you are new to us and our sites all you have to do is simply register with us in order to receive quotes, offers, or simple replies and prices especially made for you regarding the item or items that you are seeking to purchase or on occasion sell, as if you are a wholesaler we may very well be able to assist you in selling your goods as well.

Also by registering with us you automatically become eligible for further possible discounts on our already lowest and unbeatable prices dependent on the quantities and products you are seeking to purchase and are automatically entered in our weekly drawings for fine goods large or small that we will send out to you when you' re the winner!

Please do not hesitate in contacting us regarding anything at all, the fact is that to us no transaction is too small or too large, you will find you will be glad you did.

We can't spell s_ccess without U and nor can U without us!

Many good people have asked us when our Internet store franchises will be ready for sale and for information regarding them, such as prices and terms.

We would like to assure you that we are working on that and we will soonest be able to commence, but we would like to remind interested parties to please indicate on their e-mail when inquiring that the interest is also for the purchase of an Internet store other than any other purchases, or simply  send a separate e-mail regarding the franchises and so indicating in the subject field.

At this early entry stage we assure that costs of course depending on the type of Internet store and franchise will be kept to absolute minimal, so we therefore wholeheartedly encourage interested parties to please register with us now in order to get the low-cost fees for one of our super duper Internet stores.

In trying to keep our sites leaner and cleaner and more user friendly than ever, therefore serve our associates and clients best we will have a separate subdomain for each and every product or similar groups of products to which you will be able to navigate by simply clicking the links that will be added just below. Each product or group will have its own site.

Be sure to visit often this and all our sites but also the special sections for unprecedented deals in just about everything!


In ushering in the new era, we proudly feature this extraordinary property as a very special sale at nearly half price!






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